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Gooapple - Android OS on Fake iPhone 4

Have you ever felt the urge to buy the iPhone 4 because of its great looks but didn’t want to give up Android? Well Gooapple has your solution. This new iClone is actually pretty amazing and does something no other of its kind has done ever done: grab my interest.

The phone is built to the exact physical dimensions of the original iPhone 4. It has the same 9.3 inch thickness we all know and love, which means you can use the same accessories the iPhone 4 currently offers and even mess with the Apple store reps at the store with this device. The phone is running Android 2.2, which is a let down because most phones are being released now with 2.3.4 stock. The hardware specs are pretty similar to Apple’s very own creation. It has a 3.5 inch display, but I doubt the Retina display technology is easy to copy. A 5 MP camera with auto focus graces the back, but the site did not give details whether it has a front facing camera or not. It apparently runs some version of Qualcomm’s processor, so you can expect pretty good performance. The standard Wi-Fi, GPS, and a working phone radio is included with this clone.

As far as price and availability, the website was very limited on details. Hopefully this phone isn’t like every other iClone that I liked, and it actually gets released. Luckily a video demo was included, which you can enjoy below.

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Do you have guts to buy this fake iPhone 4?



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