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Download Wifi Keyboard APK - PC Keyboard as Input Device for Mobile Phone

The WiFi Keyboard provides a way to use your computer to type something on the android device. You can type in your browser and all the key presses will appear in your android device.

Keyboard for keyboard-less phones like Nexus One. Allow you to type on your phone using your computer's _browser_ . It works as ordinary input method. You can use terminal or type SMS ...

Use WiFi for low latency input. 3G may be blocked by some carriers. USB connection works best, but require some technical knowledge and connected cable.

There are some reports that the WiFiKeyboard doesn't work on SE X10 mini after update.

Source Code (GPL2)

Keywords: remote keyboard, wireless keyboard, browser keyboard, network keyboard, remote input method, http, web server, WiFi and USB.

Package Name : WiFiKeyboard.apk
Download Wifi Keyboard APK


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