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Remote Access Control PC / Mac via Android Phone

ControlMyPc makes it easy to access and control your PC or Mac from anywhere in the world, remote access never been easier, with integrated mouse pad and media remotes to control your favorite media players comfortably.

With ControlMyPc you can add several computers (any windows 32/64bit/mac/both) and connect to them simply by selecting them from a list that you create, zoom in/out, click on your screen naturally, fits to any screen size and any device, tested on many devices.

The main goal is to simplify for you the access to your computer from a remote location, and the design of the app following this rule, you can change many features but you can also use the default settings.
You can say that it works just like you Wanted !

Features of ControlMyPc Remote Access RDP:

•Easy to use, fast, reliable and secured

•Connect to your computer using an email address (NEW)
(email to to register your email address with your account)

•Easy to use online user guide, you can access it from any where, Showing you everything you need to know to make the most of ControlMyPc, you can also find tips to help you achieve specific tasks with ControlMyPc that might won't be obvious at first look.

•Single/double click on your device screen just like you would do with your mouse -=Without a cursor=- (cursor can be added too), click on your screen naturally like a computer touch screen, which makes ControlMyPc easy and fun to use.¤ High Precision ¤

•Right and left mouse clicks available in a separate buttons too

•Mouse Wheel

•Multi screen support

•Sound(streaming the sound from your computer)

•Soft keyboard or QWERTY keyboard support(you can use both too), supporting all symbols.

•3D App navigating, like in the picture, with one click.

•Zoom in/out in various ways to support any device running Android OS

•File support, forgot a file at home, that won't be a problem any more, download it from your PC straight to your Device(SD card)fast and easy. Do you have an important files on your device that you would like to backup on your PC/Mac, do it from anywhere in the world, transfer pictures, music, documents and any important files that needs to be backed up,or just transfer files with no wires (with easy to use browser).

•Integrated mouse pad, letting you control your PC/Mac with your device with no need of keyboard or mouse.for example : you are viewing your PC on your living room T.V, no need to get up from your couch, the friendly mouse pad is in your hand(keyboard too),control your PC from your couch, fun and easy.

•Media players remote control, control iTunes, Winamp, windows Media Player, Divx, while you are walking around your house or maybe while you are watching a movie and you want to control the playback from there, do it all from the palm of your hand. With style: several backgrounds and skins for the remotes to choose from create the remote you like

•Any screen size support, no matter what is your device screen size or resolution, ControlMyPc fits itself to your device, for best performance and quality.

•Easy settings letting you set ports, mouse sensitivity, and more...(you can use the defaults which is recommended)

•Keeps your Desktop aspect ratio.

•Choose Quality over speed, letting you decrease the picture quality to gain speed(in case that you have a slow connection at some place)

•Support is always available(reply fast), helping with any process.

and much more, see recent changes on version 3.1 and visit
ControlMyPc help page to get more info about this great product, enjoy!

keywords: remote access , remote desktop , rdp , remote viewer , vnc , remote control, mouse pad , media remote , video remote , files support, files upload download.

Package Name : id=control.MyPc
Download ControlMyPC for Android


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