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Transformer 2 Tablet With Ice Cream Sandwich OS

Rumors says with the success Asus is experiencing with the first generation of the Transformer, – selling over 400 thousand in the first half of the year, – they are it is going at it even stronger this coming quarter.

. The tablet is supposed to get an upgrade from dual core to quad core, courtesy of NVIDIA’s third-generation Tegra processor, known as Kal-El. The upgrade will keep the clock speed at around 1 GHz, but improve multi tasking capability of the tablet. The processor will handle different application’s code and processes on different cores, which means you’ll get a lightning-fast multitasking machine.

The next version is also reported to be running on Google’s upcoming tablet/smartphone OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. This new OS will be cross platform and will unify all Android devices (tablets, phones, appliances). The updated system will get better Google services integration, new features, more functions, and a fresh look.

Putting the two rumors together, the Transformer 2 tablet is rumored to be hitting store either October or November. Google did not mention if the next version of Android will be optimized for quad core processors, but let’s assume Google is looking ahead and did make it optimized for next generation technology. If rumors are correct, this might bring Asus up to the ranks of Samsung and Motorola in the Android tablet world.

The company made the Transformer very competitive with the same features as the rest of the premium products, but at a price that didn’t make a premium look unrealistic. I am excited for this, if rumors are true, and I’m sure this will not be the last time we are going to hear rumors around this tablet.


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